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3D MP3 Player






Excuses, excuses

29th August 2003

To answer the myriad emails... the Toybox is still alive and kicking. Relocating half-way round the world can sometime slow things down tremendously.

'when it's done, dammit'



14th July 2003

Hit some unexpected roadblocks... gimme another month - 14th August.


When it's done

17th June 2003

For the few of you who are curious, I'm working on something... interesting >) Please check back in a month's time - 14th July.


D'oh (redux) !

2nd May 2003

(shit happens)

Blimey... forgot to do testing on a "clean system". The cg demos need a pair of dlls called cg.dll & cgGL.dll, which are not easily available anywhere. You can download it here.

A thousand apologies...

ps: the demo pack has been updated with the pair of dlls, if existing users feel inclined to download the whole enchilada again.


Eye-candy galore

30th April 2003

I'm upgrading the graphics shader to cg. It should be ready soon, but here's some screenshots (starting to sound like gamespot).

update: the new cg demo pack is up, go here. ATI owners too.

"even turd looks nicer"


Ureshi maki guso (happy curly poop)

23rd April 2003

Here's to the crazy Japanese (you'll need the GF3 Shiny Demo Pack too).


Interactive eye-candies

22nd April 2003

A new demo pack is out, but only for GF3 and above. Check it out anyway. The screenshots are great. Here.


Ohh... shiny...

17th April 2003

Coming soon:

Happy Easter.



9th April 2003

Those who place the demos in directories with extremely descriptive names (eg. "C:\Documents And Settings\...") might encounter crashes if you attempt to run any demos from

a) a shortcut, or

b) the Window Explorer

To overcome that, you can either

a) move the demos to a simpler directory (eg. "C:\temp"), or

b) download the demos again. Only the executables are affected (and updated), so you might want to download the zipped file without the "-Full", such as this.

Thanks to the madster for the heads-up.


And more patches...

8th April 2003

This patch is for those XP users who could not get any demos to run (very sorry about that, but it was a nasty bug from a 3rd party dll...).

This patch only affects the file core.bbx, and removed the need for ifl0.dll (you can delete that file now).

Thanks for all the feedback, positive and otherwise, and all the patience.



1st April 2003

This patch should let all 3D equipped systems run the BBox apps, albeit in fullscreen mode (sorry, you'll still need pbuffer support otherwise). The patch affects only core.bbx. It is self-running, and because it didn't create any window, it would seem like it is doing nothing. Just click 'OK' and wait for another message box to pop-up.

For new-comers, or confused users, all demos have been updated.



31th March 2003

For those with problem starting, this program will test to see if your system is up for it, complete with pop-up message box and a text file called wgltest.txt. Regrettably, BBox apps requires advanced support for extended WGL (specifically pbuffer). You will have to update your drivers for that.


MP3 Player Skinning Kit

26th March 2003

The player got its own section! Check it out here. It includes a skinning kit that teaches you how to modify the look-and-feel of the 3D MP3 player (in fact, any Blackbox applications).

And there are a few skins to try out too.


Minor Update

25th March 2003

All demos have been updated. Those who have difficulties with the older version should try the new ones. Included is the keyword 'verbose' (as in "bear verbose") that will print more mystical lines in the file t.txt. This update is in preparation for something exciting: skinning. Watch for it.


Eye Twister

19th March 2003

This will not make you blurry-eyed.

update: press the 'q' and 'w' keys.


See Your Own Creations

18th March 2003

When people ask me how to see their own 3D works without hacking into XML stuff, I show the this.

Those who don't have any can try this (with this) out first.


The Innards

15th March 2003

For those of you wondering what is going on inside, I'm working on some docs now. In the meantime, for the curious, add the keyword "donodelete" to the commandline. For example,

player.exe donotdelete

The next time you check, a directory called data will be there. Happy hunting. More later.


Introducing the Blackbox

10th March 2003

The Blackbox is a bunch of technologies that lets you see and interact with 3D stuff.

It is actually pretty neat. Do try out the demos and let me know what you think.